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The Silent Beard

1. The Silent Beard

2. Suffering from Scottishness

3. Remember Now

4. Jealous of the Junkies

5. The Savoy Cabbage Murderer

6. I Remember Dougie

7. Missing Grannies

8. No-One Knows What It's Like To Be Me

9. Silhouettes of Merriment

10. Five Against One

11. Buckfast vs. Hash (The Battle Continues)...

12. Le Tit Go




No-One Knows What It's Like To Be Me

1. The Exterminating Angels

2. Hard On Heart

3. What If Cliff?

4. What a Load of Rubbish

5. The Goldfish

6. Drugs in the Morning

7. Hard Work

8. Reverse the Hearse

9. Tommy Too far

10. Jaffa Baws

11. Suffering From Scottishness

12. Green Curry

£10 inc. P&P


Boxes of Santas

1. Dear Santa

2. Boxes

3. Big Boxes

Songs Ya Bass Vol.1

1. Oor Wullie's Baldy

2. What If Cliff?

3. Reverse The Hearse

Suffering From Scottishness

1. Suffering From Scottishness

2. The Urinating Unicorn


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